Explore our comprehensive range of ski and snowboard services, meticulously crafted to elevate your winter sports experience.

All Mountain Tune

A comprehensive standard tune-up service that addresses common ski and snowboard wear and tear.

Base Repair

Includes P-tex work for base repair


Edge corrections and replacements


Base grinding and polishing for a smooth ride.


Application of a new edge and structure


  • PTex work
  • Edge Corrections
  • Base Grinding
  • Polishing
  • New edge finish
  • Structure application

World Cup Race Tune

A premium tuning service that combines machine and meticulous hand work, ensuring your skis are competition-ready with razor-sharp edges and a smooth, polished finish.

Hand Tuning

Detailed hand tuning for precision and care.


Leverage the expertise of seasoned ski technicians.


A thorough, time-intensive process for optimal results.


Ensuring your skis are primed for competitive use.

Call Shop

  • Hand Tuning
  • Expertise Utilized
  • Time-Intensive
  • Competition-Ready
  • Razor-Sharp Edges
  • Smooth, Polished Finish

Snowboard Tune

A specialized tune-up service tailored for snowboards, addressing the unique service area and labor-intensive requirements, ensuring your board is in peak condition for the slopes.

Specialized Service

Tailored specifically for snowboards.


Detailed and labor-intensive tuning process.


Ensuring your snowboard performs at its best.

Peak Condition

Delivering your board in optimal condition for the slopes.


  • Specialized Service
  • Labor-Intensive
  • High-Quality
  • Peak Condition
  • Optimal Performance
  • Expert Technicians

Core Shot Repair

A meticulous repair service for significant damage to the base of your ski or snowboard, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride even after encountering obstacles on the slopes.

Detailed Repair

Addressing significant base damage with precision.

High-Quality Material

Utilizing top-grade material for durable repair.


Ensuring the repair safeguards against future damage.

Smooth Ride

Restoring your equipment to ensure a smooth, optimal ride.


  • Detailed Repair
  • High-Quality Material
  • Protective
  • Smooth Ride
  • Expert Technicians
  • Reliable Service

New Ski Prep

Ensuring your new skis are slope-ready with our meticulous preparation service, which includes a thorough check and optimization of all ski components to provide you with the best possible skiing experience from day one.

Optimal Setup

Ensuring your skis are set up for optimal performance.

Wax and Polish

Applying and polishing wax for a smooth glide.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring every aspect of the ski is ready for the slopes.

Ready for the Slopes

Delivering skis that are ready for your next adventure.


  • Optimal Setup
  • Wax and Polish
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ready for the Slopes
  • Expert Technicians
  • Reliable Service

Binding Mount and Test

Ensuring your ski bindings are securely mounted and tested for optimal safety and performance on the slopes. Our expert technicians utilize the Vermont safety standards to meticulously set and verify your bindings, providing you with confidence in your equipment.

Secure Mounting

Professionally mounting bindings to ensure secure and stable attachment.

Safety Testing

Employing Vermont safety standards for binding testing.

Ensured Safety

Providing confidence in the safety and reliability of your ski bindings.

Ready for the Slopes

Ensuring your bindings are slope-ready for your next adventure.


  • Secure Mounting
  • Safety Testing
  • Ensured Safety
  • Ready for the Slopes
  • Expert Technicians
  • Reliable Service

* Must bring boot when dropping off