Discover our premium ski lease options, offering the finest gear for your alpine adventures. Explore our curated selection today.

Core Race Package

A meticulously curated race package offering a selection of skis and accessories, ensuring optimal performance and durability on the slopes. Our skis are race-tuned and maintained to provide peak performance season after season.

Variety of Skis

Includes slalom ski, GS ski, and a recreational ski.

Full Buckle Race Boot

Ensuring comfort and optimal power transmission.


Includes slalom and GS poles for versatile use.

Tuning & Testing

Complimentary binding work, test, and tune services.


  • 3 Types of Skis
  • Race-Tuned
  • High-Value Package
  • Quality Race Boot
  • 2 Types of Poles
  • Additional Services

Junior Race Package

Tailored for young, developing racers, this package provides a blend of performance and adaptability. Ensuring they can learn, practice, and race with equipment that supports their growth and protects their safety.

Multi-Event Ski

A softer, flexible ski with a race plate, ensuring easier control and learning for young skiers.

Full Buckle Race Boot

Comfortable, secure, and providing optimal power transmission, tailored for young racers.

Slalom Poles

Lightweight and durable, assisting young racers in navigating through the course.

Recreational Skis

Additional skis for practice and non-race days, ensuring continuous learning.


  • Adapted for Young Skiers
  • Supportive Learning
  • Quality Race Boot
  • Durable Slalom Poles
  • Additional Rec Skis
  • Safe & Effective